Saturday, December 5, 2015

Big Week Ahead...part 1

The coming week is pretty big in the Church...the Second Week of Advent, two fantastic Saint's feasts and the opening of a Jubilee Year which coincides with a major Marian feast. Yep, pretty big.

The Second Sunday. We transition from the "prophet" candle; the foretelling of the Lord's coming, to the journey with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. The light on our Advent wreath is growing brighter! We should continue to slow down and savor the journey while our hearts prepare for the joy of the coming week.

Sunday is also the feast of St. Nicholas! I'm kind of sad because our new tradition (we only did it last year) of distributing sweets to our friends around the city is being canceled due to our Messiah outing. It's OK I think, we've been doing a lot of good works on St. Nicholas eve.

Today was Celebration Saturday, the monthly ccd for "home schooled" kids. It's in quotes because they're only home schooling ccd but, whatever, they're a nice group. It's small and that's fantastic because they can get to know one another and help more than in a huge classroom. Today #2 got to talk about the Sacrament of Penance with another boy and, hopefully, ease his anxiety a bit since the boy will be making his First Reconciliation on Thursday! (the 2nd graders are making their penance today and Thursday...please keep them all in your prayers). It's hard to believe #2 was in that place only a year ago. I was pleased that he could share his experience...that is the benefit of two grades in one classroom; the older kids can help the younger.

Hanging out on the campus, waiting for dismissal

After CS, we were off to the local nursing home to go caroling. It's difficult for me and some of our kids are a bit timid but they always say they enjoyed it when we are done. There is so much to do this time of year but it's so wonderful to make a space in the day to visit the lonely. They are so grateful for any time you can spend. The reward is great on both sides.

We headed home and the big boys headed out to Blue Knights. I had some fixings that needed to be made into meatballs
I'm pretty sure the Holy Spirit doubled the recipe because it turns out that there are plenty to eat, freeze and share.
That is great news because we will be able to take a few down to our sweet neighbor who is always so giving to us, at the most perfect and unexpected times. On the eve of St. Nicholas Day, it is good to spend our time reaching out to help others.

Whether or not your kids put their shoes out for an early treat this evening, be sure to take a minute to share the story of St. Nicholas with your family and let them see how this generous, loving man could very likely be the basis for today's Santa Claus. It's not a stretch, I promise, and it might help regain some perspective as we approach December 25th.

I will leave you with a little bit of music to enjoy while I go ready the meatballs for distribution. It really is a big week so I guess you'll just have to stay tuned for the rest of the story :0)

I think it's my favorite beautiful and hopeful. Perfect for these dark days of waiting!

Do something nice for someone else the Spirit of St. Nicholas (most of all, love your kids a little bit more...since he is their patron :0) )

We are blessed.

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