Wednesday, December 23, 2015

He's coming!

Google claims "Tis the Season" today but I'm not sure to which season they are referring since the cutouts don't seem to point to any major celebration...thank goodness we don't depend on Google to guide us through life!

For those of us in the Christian camp...We were just at evening Mass (I thought they would be better behaved but it turns out they're just terrible little children sometimes, no matter what the sun/moon phase) and Father pointed out that, even though the Christmas liturgies will begin at 4 PM tomorrow, it's still the day before the day before Christmas! That's right, we have another entire day to wait and be still!

I was kind of happy the little people didn't want to wait until the last day to finish their preparations. They were good about completing some studies today and playing nicely together so that I could make a baked good for the final (and best/most authentic) vilija tomorrow night. That means tomorrow can be a true day of rest before the HUGE celebration! Perfect

 OK, pagach 101. Make the dough and roll it out...

Fill it with a delightful stuffing like sweetened rice ...
 Bundle it up, roll it out again, bake it on a stone...

Remove from the stone and wrap it in a damp towel. No idea why, but it's essential (the old green book says so!)

 Unwrap and brush with sweet cream and browned butter (in that order) then sprinkle with sugar

Cut with a pizza slicer and enjoy the yummy turned out well! I'm sure Bub was here guiding the rolling/baking/brushing. It's a wonderful feeling to carry on a tradition. I was blessed to spend enough time with her to see it made and have a hope of continuing on myself.

I like when the kids go into the other room and rumble around, making plans and carrying out their own activities. When I go searching later, I find all sorts of little pockets of creativity.

The kings who had been lost have found their star chart and seem to be back on track. (although the rumor is there is a dispute as to direction so it may take a few more days. lol)

The kids have read a few novels/articles that mention a family who has a parish priest or priest friend who comes to their home to serve Mass. They gave up on that and decided to do it themselves. I was pleased that they had a credence table (although they need a linen) and the presider was male (the females took the lector/cantor roles). 

I started making dinner and watched, for the second night in a row, the most beautiful sunset unfolding before my eyes. This made me smile thinking of my friend who used to share those sunsets but also reminded me that God is waiting for us as much as we are waiting for Him. We try to work our way through Advent, making preparations and offering our time and sacrifice to ready ourselves and He gives us so many little rewards along the way like children who spend the afternoon in imaginative play or a remarkable sunset. All thanks be to Him from whom these blessings flow!

last night's sunset

tonight's sunset
We ended the day by really making our "final" preparations; Mass and reconciliation. It was extra special because my mom was able to join us...something that doesn't happen often. I like it when the kids see other family members participating in the faith. I think it gets them even more excited.

Walking into Mass, we had one more of God's gifts (beautiful...even though it pales in comparison to the gifts we were given inside the building ;0) )
Not quite full...that will happen Christmas Day!

Happy last day of Advent tomorrow! We are blessed.

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