Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Birthday Boy!

Today my middle child turns 7. I've said before we have a special bond...not sure if it's because he's named after my dad or we share a birthday month or because he's just a really cool little kid...regardless, it's a day to celebrate!

We always try to get to Mass as a family to celebrate birthdays. I can't think of a better tradition to help reinforce the "thanks to God for everything...first" than heading to the altar early in the morning. Today was a really early morning. We were in our raggedy glory. Yet, we were there, giving thanks and starting our day.

Breakfast followed at the diner next door. I don't like the food that much but the people who work there are exceptional. There are two women who are always more than kind to our rowdy group. I was blessed to have a day free from breakfast prep! (it's the small things sometimes).

Back to church we headed, this time to the small chapel that used to be used by the nuns in the convent. It's one of my very favorite places on the church campus. You can feel the years of prayer there...it's small and quiet and lovely. We stopped to pick up the traveling Holy Family statue. It journeys from house to house so that families may take time out of their day to pray for vocations. It's a beautiful statue - St. Joseph watching over Jesus as he learned the vocation of carpentry and Our Lady looking on with a tray of sustenance...part of her motherly vocation. Can there be a better time to have these three join our home to celebrate the next week? What an extra blessing for the birthday boy!

DH took the older two for a day with Grammy and we got to work...a little Max and Ruby, a little decorating (this is the day we've picked to put the ornaments on the tree every year). They did a fantastic job and nothing is broken...bonus!

A quick game of hide the pickle at the end (I think it's silly but they love it) and up to rest while mom did her best to tidy up and pull together a cake. I say pull together because being a boy, especially this boy, it has to be meaningful.

Most female December babies would be happy enough with this...or a tree shape at the very most (I know because I was always happy with a festive, seasonal treat)

This guy needs some "extras" to make it his. I LOVE that little guy. He makes me laugh every time I look at him. 

The day ended with a lovely (read small) party of family and close friends. The gifts were well-chosen, the cake greatly appreciated and the ice cream hats were roundly applauded. I know what I love about this kid...he is grateful for what he is given. That's a fantastic quality.

Pottery Wheel = "My dream come true!"

Cardinals blanket - so exciting

Blanket that doubles as a parachute = added bonus

I think that's joy ;0)

The evening's entertainment consisted of opening some traditional British "crackers" (DH thought they were dessert...cutie) and trying to organize the whistle blowers into a tune. We made a good stab at "Good King Wenceslas" ...my Aunt's idea. I love her.

Tiring, rewarding, lovely day to celebrate an equally lovely boy. I love you, middle child. You are God's special Christmas gift to us. We are so blessed by you.

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