Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Advent Activities

What's on your schedule for Advent? No, I don't mean opening a candy-filled calendar that looks like a stocking. Sadly, yesterday, I saw the most beautiful tree stump with a circular path that you used to move Mary and Joseph with the camel each day as Christmas drew near. The woman who posted said, "nice if it had fewer religious overtones...perhaps use an elf?" Not sure if she was joking or not. Hope so.

If you're still stuck on that ridiculous elf as a means to browbeat your children into good behavior for mounds of presents you already bought, may I suggest an alternative?

Kindness Elves Alternative Elf on the Shelf Tradition
What a fantastic idea, remembering that it's a time to be self-less instead of the alternative. Read all about it HERE   

If you are a big person in need of a little more help this season, go to's a long 4 weeks, you can actually go twice (but, you know, once is perfect too)! Avail yourselves of the many wonderful Advent activities presented by your local parish. We went to a Family Advent Night on Monday at a local parish and it was wonderful. Lots of good things for the kids to do while the grownups listened to some marvelous priests talk about God's immeasurable love for us. Our parish family retreat is this Sunday and I'm just finishing up some the craft's going to be wonderful. Any time you can go to church and learn the faith...well, that's the point!

Finally, for the times you can't just run to church, hang out with Father Bishop Barron. He has some fantastic insights and will keep you on the right track as things spin out of control (I'm not immune. I can't go on Zulily  until after's too dangerous). Back to the bishop. Head over to Word on Fire to sign up.   

For some reason I decided to make this standardized test week so I must go. Be patient and have's Advent :0)

We are blessed.

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