Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I am SO excited...

welcome to my birthday month...and #3's birthday month and, yes, above all, the birthday month of the Savior of the World!!Pretty good month, I would say.

Every year I get a special gift from my beloved. It's special because, were it him, we would have a plastic (or aluminum!) in the corner from Dec 20 to Epiphany. He knows how much I enjoy the smell and the look and even the falling needles (because it means it is alive). So, every year...
Cutting of tree on porch

It's very early so it will be in "storage" for a while...still smells amazing, though
Every several years, though, I get something even more special. An evening to go with DH, kid-free, just like we did early in our relationship...and listen and weep to the beauty of the music, the words, the singing. Wow. Only four more days!!! Eeek...this is me being giddy. 

 We are so blessed. Happy Advent!

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