Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Well, my day started out in a most un-Slovak way. I broke two major "Slovak rules for Christmas Eve"...1. Don't turn the lights on (DH offered to be the Shabbos Goy but it didn't really can't stop the kids once they're awake. They weren't raised with it so they don't know it. Confused? Read more HERE ) and 2. Don't spend any money. (I forgot all about batteries and, darn, some of these toys can't run themselves! Besides, it was too nice a day to stay inside. It was good to get out and walk - yes, I'm trying to embrace 65 degrees on Christmas...never, ever moving to Arizona).

I suppose that's not entirely true, I checked my email while I was waking up and realized I had a Christmas greeting from Fr. Peter. He wished us all a happy Christmas(Eve), said he was staying in Rome to celebrate the holidays and, oh, he was concelebrating Christmas Mass tonight with Pope Francis. Yes, there were about 250 priests/bishops/cardinals concelebrating but HE WAS ONE OF THEM!!! Exciting day for Siroke, I can tell you. Good day to be a Slovak ;0) What a blessing on Christmas Eve! (We watched but couldn't pick him out. I told DH we need a big screen. Didn't work. LOL)

The rest of the day went well. I've learned something from my dear friend who is an amazing artist. Kids like to make art/craft. I am very afraid of the whole process because I am stuck with second-grade talent and my kids are pretty much there with me. Still, I gave them each a job and they did wonderfully (no, I didn't count it as school...even though I could have).
We read the book Mary's Song and it had the most lovely pictures.

Slovak crest for later Vilija

Working hard on place mats and Christmas trees.
Dad was home early and we sat down to try (and fail) to find Fr. Peter at Mass but it was worth the time...Pope Francis had lovely things to say in his homily (GO HERE ). DH was marveling at St. Peter's.

Then, the grammy and auntie showed up and it was Vilija time! Real, live, true. I'm so happy we had pirogi or we all would have starved. I only made the pagach and we had soup. Oh well, it's good to fast a bit before feasting!

I did manage one tradition...all the kids had $100 and I had $200 cause, you know, mama has bigger bills ;0)

The ribbon started to burn so I guess Advent is officially over!

Soup all around! (except the German)
Well, like it or not, the St. Lucy wheat says it's Christmas.

Time to get everyone ready for bed (the kids serve 7 AM tomorrow), fill some stockings, place some mangers, and get to sleep. Even with the rocky days, it has been a blessed Advent. Full of faith, family and fun. Wishing you all the same in this Christmas season and always.

Joy to the World!

We are blessed.

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