Sunday, December 27, 2015

Day of feasts...

Today was the Feast of the Holy Family. A great day to spend with family, immediate and extended, and listen to a new deacon preach. Our parish's "native son" is fresh in from Rome and did a lovely job...reminding us that, like our own families, we need to remember that the manger scene wasn't as perfect as many of the Christmas cards would make it out to be.

Yes, we try to present our best selves on our Christmas cards, blogs, etc., but it's important that everyone remember it's not the whole truth. I get caught up every once in a while, looking at a blog/Instagram/whatever and thinking about how shiny and perfect that person's life must be. Then I remember I know what that person's life is like...shiny sometimes and much-less-than-shiny at others.

The most important thing is to remember that God chose this place and time for His Incarnation. There is a point to that. He chose humility over grandness because we are to be humble in our desire to be like Him. The King of the Universe born in a stable? It does sound crazy...until you remember He chose it for Himself. He wants us to be like Him (see me leaving it at that? no rants today. You're welcome ;0) )

If you were to ask the deacon's godbrother, he would remind you that today is also his feast day. St. John, Pray for Us!

doughnuts for lunch dessert!

We also celebrated during this particular lunch because Blondie finally lost her first tooth! (naturally, you know, not broken out by the nasty St. Bernard sidewalk) It was with great joy and relief as the St. Apollonia letter was written five days ago when the wiggling first began (they love their holy cards!).

The bottom is new. The top is two years old.

The rest of the day was spent driving the back roads (the parkway is closed to blow up a bridge tomorrow) in the pouring rain (why don't we ever look at the forecast and plan accordingly) so that we could take my mom to deliver the Christmas wreath to my dad's grave. I thought it was a nice thing to do as we remembered the Holy Family in all of their joys and trial. A difficult journey made out of duty to and love of family. I'm beat but it's a good thing. Portfolios can wait for another day.

So, as we gather for our evening prayer for vocations around what has become our Holy Family shrine (thanks to my lovely friend for sending us the beautiful Holy Family that we don't have to pass on!) we will think of my mom and dad, and dh's family and all of the generations of family who have brought us to this place. As we look over and pray for the many nuns, priests, brothers, deacons and seminarians that we have recorded on our "vocations poster" we will give thanks to their families as well...for supporting their call to carry on the joy of the holy family by being extended family to those of us trying to follow Him. Their guidance is essential.

I love it!
Back to normal life tomorrow. It was a wonderful few days full of family time, prayer, and joy. May we (even in this dreadful weather...why can't it be snow?) continue to follow the Light of the World as we endeavor to shift our sights from the kingdom of this world to the manger...trying always to decrease as He will increase. In all things.

We are blessed.

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