Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Triduum

well, the first day, anyway.

So, as of yesterday, my Lent just sort of fell apart (maybe not in deed but my heart doesn't feel as "in it" as before). I blame DH who said, "you know, Lent is over so you can go back to doing what you did before". I'm lying, that's totally not a direct quote but it is what I heard him say. It's not like I stopped doing everything, but I do feel like I'm slacking. So, as often as possible, I have been trying to "insert" something religious/Catholic/faithful to keep the kids on the right path. I think it's working. Somewhat (as I listen to the two boys act out fantasy baseball games in the next room).

Yesterday afternoon we had to walk (well we didn't have to walk, I wanted was beautiful) to church so that #1 could rehearse with the other servers for tonight's Holy Thursday Mass. It's a wonderful thing to watch...her with all of those massive high-schoolers. It's so hard for me to imagine that she will be a candle person one day. For now, she is the incense boat person..."Skiff" for you "Altar Gang" fans.
If you haven't yet, check them funny! You also learn a bunch of good stuff.

Anyway, since we were en masse I had to come up with some things to do while we waited the hour for practice to end. We said a rosary by the Blessed Mother statue and walked around the church (it takes a while with an almost-three-year-old in tow! Thirty minutes down, we headed inside.

It was fun to watch since we won't be there...just #1 &#2...we go slowly around here. I don't think it's good to force the Triduum when you walk away with angry parents and screaming kids. They did well enough in practice. I'm always grateful when we are in church and it's practically empty. More space to yell.
 working on our patience

Today is Holy Thursday (or any of the number of other names which you can read about HERE ) I certainly could have gone to Chrism Mass with #1 but it's becoming sort of a tradition that she goes with one of our dear friends so off she went. My helper was here and, well, the day was amazing so I went out to enjoy it and have a little run (I say that knowing it was closer to a long walk...Brookline is FULL of hills). When I was running, one of my favorite Laurie Anderson songs came on my headphones..."The Day the Devil " from the album Strange Angels . I have noticed that I can hear a religious theme in most songs but this one is particularly apt for the next few days:

The day the devil comes to getcha
He's a long way from home
And you know he's gonna getcha
Cause you're stuck in the middle
Everybody please rise

Give me back my innocence
Get me a brand new suit
Give me back my innocence
Oh Lord! Cut me down to size

Give me back my innocence
Get me a new Cadillac
Cause when I get up to heaven Lord
You can have it all back
Most especially that last stanza. Let me have everything here and when I get to heaven, Lord, You can have it all back. Wow. We're all like that from time-to-time, aren't we? I think it is the human condition...wanting to get to heaven and wanting everything while we're here. Hmmm. Good thoughts to ponder.

So, after my run (which I could have skipped and gone to pray instead...see? me too!) I cleaned up and got down dinner. I don't even know where the old picture is and I'm NOT going to post today's failed attempt but I made a crown of thorns pretzel for dinner. It will be a good lead-in to talking about Good Friday and the Passion.

Then we will talk about whether-or-not to take a church tour when the older ones return from Mass. I never knew what it was about (see this for one explanation) because we didn't do it when we were young (because churches were 20+ minutes drive apart). I like the other explanation I read about today - uniting in prayer with Jesus and the Agony in the Garden.

So, we will likely go. Where and how many, I can't answer. I think we will pray a rosary along the way and/or Stations and see how many we cover. I do know that I'm looking forward to our family being reunited and praying together. This Lent has been a great exercise in "making a habit" of family prayer and I do hope that we will continue long after the Easter season. I'll put #1 on it. She's a bulldog with all things religious ;0)

Wherever this Holy Thursday finds you, I pray that you are taking a moment to stop and remember the events of this that shape our faith. The Last Supper, where Jesus gathered to break bread for the last time with His disciples before sending them out to spread the Gospel. The washing of the feet, where the Master humbled himself to serve. May we all humble ourselves over the next few days so that we may truly enter into the Paschal Mystery and obtain the graces held therein.

I will probably be back but, if not, have a fruitful end to Holy Week.

We are blessed.

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  1. Hi, here I am again ;^P

    I needed this... One go my most challenging nights yet with T and it is Holy Thursday- Good Friday... Coincidence? Anyway thank you for this perspective. And as always, thanks for your insightful sharing.