Thursday, April 9, 2015

I was writing a blog on humility

but, go figure, I don't have enough time to make it work. So, here's the synopsis.

I'm reading this unbelievable book of sermons by St. Bernard, Honey and Salt. If you're near, you can borrow it in about, well, two years. If you are far or can't wait, go to Amazon and pay the $12. Then email me so we can chat about it. It is 'chock full of good stuff.

Briefly, St. Bernard talks about the different ways of handling it when we are humiliated...murmuring, bearing it with patience, and giving thanks for the opportunity. I am grateful that only #1 puts you on the fast track out of heaven. He goes on to say that #3 is the surest way to gain eternal reward. Gah. I'm working on it but I'm just not sure I will ever say, "Hey God, thanks for the humiliation!"

My life is not over (God willing) and I do believe that I have moved from #1 to #2, for the most part, so I have hope. I wouldn't have believed that I would change as much as I have in the last 10+ years, all thanks to God's grace, so it may happen. Nothing is impossible. Oh, I actually just found this so we can all get started right away!

Next up from St. Bernard...types of knowledge. I will make sure I spend time with that one because it is so very important. Who knew some old Saint had such good ideas about what we should and should not put into our heads?

Sorry for the short blurb...#5 is enjoying the last few days of his terrible twos. Really enjoying them. Enjoying them too much. Gotta run.

We are blessed.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation- will check it out (as soon as I get to some of these other books in my "Must Read Now" pile ;^P... currently reading Consoling the Heart of Jesus and The Insanity of God (from my mom)- both great reads!)