Friday, April 24, 2015

Our Final Friday

Today was the end of our semester at St. Vincent College for the Step Up program. Considering we found out about it the day before it started, I think it turned out well. We have lots of new information on bugs/firemen/health and nutrition/writing/Marc Brown/and microbiology! We only missed a few days and, considering the winter we just passed through, I believe that to be my biggest success.

It was the perfect end today. #2 came to 8 am Mass with me (#1 was serving) so that, along with our rosary split between the way out and back counted as our "something else" rather than abstaining this Friday. We were met with yummy Mexican dip a la Dad when we finally arrived home.

In between we took a leisurely drive out (not running from noon Mass means more time to get there!) and actually parked where we were assigned, rather than our usual basilica spot. We dropped everyone off at their assigned rooms and then Mr. G and I were off to enjoy the beautiful day.

Walk a bit, rest a bit, that's what we do.
Walk some more, stop at the coffee shop to quench with some white grape ;0)
 Why do I always end up in the School of Education?

We even saw the back of the basilica for a change!
 We headed back inside to pick up the "graduates" (no, there were no silly ceremonies, just really nice, portfolio-worthy certificates!)
 Last stop...Sweet Frog for some froyo. We found out that frog stands for Fully Rely On God! See? He is everywhere :0)

Now, two weeks to finish our classes at home and whew(!) some well-deserved rest.

We are blessed.

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