Sunday, April 19, 2015

Earth Day...St. Vincent style

 I recently received an announcement about Westmoreland County's Earth Day celebration which happened to be today, beginning at 11 AM on St. Vincent's campus. Mass at the basilica ran from 9:30 until 10:30...enough time after to meet a delightful priest, Fr. Fred, and show DH the kids' classrooms before heading down. Perfect.

The celebration was a wonderful smattering of all types of things; sun spots, trees of PA, solar energy, fishing, "trash art", a plant sale (I bought an aloe and some other kind of plant that was grown from cuttings by Fr. Fred. Score!). It was a great day to learn about some interesting things, spend time with the family, and see new things.

Oh, did I mention it was held in the Fred Rogers center? It has the most fabulous collections of all things Mr. Rogers. That was worth it alone. Here are some shots. I have to go do lesson plans.

 After Mass...gorgeous day!

Archabbot Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B., the first archabbot of Saint Vincent

 The sweaters and shoes...and the puppets!


 They had a telescope through which you could view sunspots after learning the science

 The extremely enthusiastic prof that explained solar flares as "when the sun throws up" lol...the boys are still quoting him.

 Kid area! Fish on a pretend pond then...

 work with the delightful assistant to measure and see if your fish is big enough to keep or if you have to throw it back. Very cool. 
So, did you ever spend a short time with someone and feel that familiarity and think, what's happening? Yes, well the beautiful young woman in the green sweater..she is the daughter of one of my best friends from high school. I haven't seen this girl in 8+ years and yet, she's just the same. What an incredible blessing to see her and spend a bit of time while learning stuff too! 
"What a coincidence" Ahem...

 Mr. Rogers dinosaur. Blondie was fascinated.
 "Peanut" the pig
 and some goats that made me smile and think of a faraway friend :0)

 The last exhibit was spinning wool into yarn.
 The lesson was excellent, interactive, and taught by the most delightful Benedictine brother and seminarian. I love when school involves specially clothed people. It lends itself to so much extra discussion in the car.

Having fed our spirit at Mass and our minds at the celebration, it was time for lunch. In honor of our dear Mrs. R, who celebrates her birthday today, we stopped at Red Robin and had a fun lunch while watching bowling on the big screen. What a perfect day.

We are so very blessed.

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