Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just so we're all clear..

I wanted to remind you, if you're reading this blog...right in the header it says "a practicing (though often failing) Catholic". This means, if you are here to find out the surefire way to be the best possible Catholic you can, you will find support from me and, I hope, more than a few good suggestions.

What you will also find, however, is a person who struggles with faith sometimes. I struggle with how to be a Catholic in the midst of today's society. I struggle with our choice of a parish and whether or not it supports and confirms our choice as parents (most days, a resounding "yes") while also giving ample opportunity for "teachable moments". I struggle with our parenting choices and whether or not they will ultimately put and keep our children on the path to heaven.

If you read the struggle, and I've said this before, please take everything - good and bad - with a grain of salt. When I get frustrated it can come out more harshly than I would have liked. Hopefully my abundant gratitude for all of my blessings comes through as well.

What I won't do is stop writing. I find that this outlet is, in addition to helping some people realize that we're all trying to find our way, a very healthy way to work through some of my issues. If you find it disheartening or destructive to you for whatever reason, please stop reading. That is completely up to you.

Since today is the feast of St. Catherine of Siena, a Church Doctor who found it necessary to speak out about things, even when it meant persecution and slander, I think this should be re-posted. If someone as wise as she said it, perhaps it is worth a second look.

I am blessed.

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