Monday, April 13, 2015

Blessed boy, Blessed day

Well, for only being three, I think it was a pretty super day.

First, the weather is about as amazing as any beautiful spring day could be. The whole family went to Mass at 8 AM and there were no coats (!) or boots (!) or gloves(!). Wow. Spring is here and it's such a great thing to witness God's beauty. The clouds were pretty spectacular all day.

Birthday boy...not exactly an early riser

We dropped DH at work (dead Jeep, more later), hit a great new library, then headed to Market District. Oh yes. Today was the first day #5 could go to the 'Nest and we have only a few short months that #1 is still eligible so we must take full advantage.

 He even got a giant box of Swedish Fish because it's his BIRTHDAY!

When he came out he said "I like this store"

I just wandered around for about 40 minutes. It was mama's birthday gift :0)

Home and out to the yard for play and lunch. Again, the day was one of God's best efforts. Blue sky, fluffy clouds, gorgeous.

Reenacting opening day at PNC park

Picked up DH, had a lovely dinner and onto the birthday dessert. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he said "doughnuts". So, he had them instead of cake. Thank you to Nickelodeon for the cute cupcake toppers. 

The #3 candle has made it through five it went into the trash. Yes, we were all a bit sad.

What else could a little boy wish for on his most special day? A visit from Godmama and Godpapa of course.

Yes, that's about the best day anyone could wish for. I know we all agree because during bedtime prayer the top two "thankful for" moments of the day were "that Mr. G came into the world" and "Godmama and Godpapa".

We are so very blessed.

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  1. Looks like a wonderfully blessed day :^). Mmmmmm, donuts.

    Happy birthday sweet G!