Saturday, April 4, 2015


Well, we're almost there. Today is Holy Saturday, the last day before Resurrection Sunday (when did that start? I thought it was Easter Sunday?)...unless you're Vigil people but since we aren't, let's get back to today.

I have very fond memories of going with my bub then my aunt to church mid-day every Holy Saturday. We packed the baskets full of yummy things...ham, kielbasa, eggs, cheese, paska....then we let it peek out of it's wrappers so the priest might bless it to then take home for our Easter eve meal.

My husband is a very good sport. Despite their small percentage of Slovak ancestry, our kids will be most exposed to these traditions, as I was while being raised. I think it's so important to have some roots...some practices that are passed down. I think it helps ground you as you move around your life.

So, we packed up our basket and took the walk to church. The day is cool and sunny, perfect for a walk, and the church was full of people also there for the blessing. We are getting to know some of the "regulars" so it's a good time to chat and catch up before the big day. Little man enjoyed walking up and down the aisle before it began, to check out all the good things...beautifully colored eggs, paska adorned with crosses, homemade cheese. Yum.

Here are some pictures from the day. Wishing you a blessed Saturday...He's almost here!

 We are blessed.


  1. Hooray!

    You have the coolest traditions. I got a pysanky egg kit (not that we have roots), but I think we're at least a couple years out from let kids participating in that ;^)

    Blessed day to you...

  2. wow - I didn't know they did the blessing for the food at St. B's. I have a good friend (of Eastern European ancestry) whose heart will be warmed to hear this :-)