Sunday, August 10, 2014

Is it Monday yet?

I think there is something perverse about having school during the Summer but, yes, that was my call, so we will deal with it. For those of you following along, we had a crazy week last time around so I'm hoping that we can relax a bit starting tomorrow.

We attended Mass for vigil on Saturday night at a local monastery. The Holy Spirit would have it that the presider was the same priest who visited our class at Maranatha last month. He had the most insightful homily about our need in life to "walk on water" - just trust completely in what Jesus has in store for our, what a needed reminder in our lives right now!

Here are some pictures from crazy week. I know I'm kidding myself to think this week will be much different. Still, active or quiet, we are so very blessed. Have an awesome week!

 Babysitter/Godparents while we were helping at Engaged Encounter
Black and Gold Pierogi for fish fry Friday!

 Friend day at the zoo

Final day at camp (thankfully!)

Final cake from camp (even more thankful!)

Lots of pool fun and the last BBB to bed. Sweet sleep, everyone :0)

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  1. Yikes - Those black pierogies don't really look edible!