Monday, August 4, 2014

Rule #1

When running in a new area, don't just look at a map and try to "eyeball" a distance...especially when the distance is AROUND A LAKE with no "shortcut" available. Otherwise, what you think is about 3+ miles turns into

It was really ok though since it was such a beautiful morning. Glorious really. We dropped off the top 4 at cake/lego/pbs camp(s) and headed out to the park. The fog was just lifting, it was about 65 degrees and, well, just one of those mornings that God wants everyone to smile.

Little man was great for about 3 miles then, well, we were both over it. Rule #2, if you don't know how long you'll be gone, always, always pack the little man a snack. If you happened to be there this morning, he was the one screaming "I don't see my lunch" for the last 1.5 miles. LOL. I kept telling him it was "just around the next corner".

Thankfully we made it back and G settled in to have a snack, followed closely by lunch (does no one feed this child?). Anyway, what a nice bunch of mommy and me time we had this morning. God is so good.
Back to pick up the older 4, and #1's cake. Her class is called "Cake Bossy" and they're doing all sorts of fun kitchen stuff. I think it turned out well although I'm not personally a fan of fondant anything.

Car lunch, home, quiet time (no, not really...more on the little man's latest achievement another day), and off to swim lessons. It was an eventful, exhausting day. But, after four days of sick little people (and big people), I was just happy to be back to "normal". How blessed we are to have such excellent adventures. How blessed we are to have children who go to sleep by 8 pm (today anyway) ;0)

Happy Monday everyone!

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