Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Guess who came to visit!!!????

Any idea??? (Chocolate is one of the major food groups)

How about now???(I know the "Sloak" probably throws you off)
Fr. Peter, my cousin from Slovakia, was visiting this weekend! This trip he brought along two other priests and a doctor, all from his area of the country. What a blessed, exhausting few days! There is something so amazing about interacting with people from another country. The fact that they were priests, well, you know that was awesome. We are so blessed to have this opportunity.
Have you seen this? What an excellent way to work "art" into our trip!

Fr. Joseph, Dr. M and Fr. Frank...aren't they cute ;0)

Because school is everywhere, we had a great lesson on the Pittsburgh Agreement (PA/World history and geography) while walking downtown.

Then saw the actual agreement in the Czech-Slovak room at Pitt!

Godfather and Godson playing airplane in the parking garage.
Please pray for their merry band as they make their way to Niagara Falls and Toronto before heading back to the continent. What a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends. What a great gift to meet others who pray for and support what we do. We are blessed!

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