Friday, August 15, 2014

Fair Friday

Happy Solemnity of the Assumption! That's the most important thing today, yes? We will be feasting on fish fry (not Bluefin tuna though) and blue jello with marshmallow clouds later today :0)

I love talking to the kids about this Holy Day (even if I don't love to take them kicking to church sometimes...this is a stage, right?). They always come up with such beautiful imagery when we're talking about Heaven. Add in the Blessed Mother and, well, the discussion lasted the whole way to Washington, PA. Again, no car radio = lots of quality discussion time.

We headed South this morning to take in the county fair. Today was "kids under 12 are free until 4 PM". I love those kinds of things. I've become rather obsessive about saving admission whenever possible. It's a good way to save up for important purchases like funnel cakes and ice cream  :0)

Here are some photos. I love seeing all the animals and the amazing handiwork that some people can produce. The kids loved the chickens and rabbits best...oh, and the "runaway" pig that passed us. Ah, country life.

 Who knew that you can also do biology in 4H?

 Oh, they had flops for sale...only $30...we saved that on admission!

I wonder if our borough would consider a rooster that sits on laps and is petted "domesticated"?

 I am a farm girl, it's true...all I see is bacon
and a nice, rare filet

 These people judge everything!

 The county's largest squash

We are so blessed.
Queen of Heaven, Pray for Us!


  1. Oh my - I didn't know there was such a cool county fair so close! I've been longing to check out a "real" old-fashioned fair where they have contests for best quilt, best jam, etc. Thanks for making me aware of this one.

    Turning off the radio in the car is also a simple way to offer a sacrifice, which I've been trying to remember to do more.