Saturday, August 30, 2014

Amazing, glorious day!

So, whatever happens for the rest of the day, I'm good. More on the really good stuff tomorrow or Monday (you can wait, it's worth it!) but, just now...

I ran two miles in just over 26 minutes. I know, you're thinking, "I run a 10k in 26 minutes" and, to you, I say...that's really awesome! For me, the "plodder", this is awesome. Mostly because I ran it on a treadmill - yes, the most boring, un-like running piece of equipment known to man. So, a 13:10 minute mile on a treadmill is the same as me, I don't know, running in Wisconsin or somewhere. Which I will be...very, very soon!

This morning, I got to see my blonde-haired brother. He's in for Labor Day with his really pretty, really fun girlfriend. It's nice to see him giggly happy. Well, as close as a Slovak can get to that, anyway.

Now we're on a pilgrimage North. I just found out there is a Polish festival in the town over from where we will attend Vigil Mass so, there you go. The good stuff just keeps coming.

I'm going to BURST now with excitement about the other stuff so I'll just stop for now. If you get this before you go to Mass and you think of it, please pray for a special intention. Promise...I'll tell you soon (but, in case you're prone to speculation, it's not that we're pregnant). It's almost as good, though :0)

We are sooo blessed.

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