Monday, August 18, 2014

Loving that Holy Spirit

Don't you love it when a beautiful friend (who has five gazillion other things to do) sends you an amazing card to remember you and pray for you during an extra-stressful week? Don't you love it when, in that same stack of cards, an engraved gift that you've been waiting for, a gift for said friend's soon-to-be-birthed baby, also arrives?

AND DON'T YOU REALLY LOVE IT when that baby happens to have a name so unique that there is only one (that I can find anyway) Catholic church with that name in the US??? And...wait for it...

DON'T YOU LOVE IT EVEN MORE when that church is within a day's drive of your own personal home? You know, so that you can drive there to have the item blessed in the namesake church.

Seriously, people. If you think this is all coincidence, you're really not paying attention!

So, you do it now. Go and find your Holy Spirit connection this week. Open your heart and mind and, I promise you, it will be there. God can do that...He can do all things. You won't believe how it will make you smile :0)

We are soooooo very blessed.

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