Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fun with Flax :0)

Did you know that once it is spun, flax is forever known as linen? This is just one of the fabulous little tidbits we learned today at the Summer Flax Festival at the Oliver Miller Homestead in nearby South Park. It was so amazing to see the process of turning a long, green weed-looking plant into a beautiful piece of linen cloth. I am in awe of the pioneers. I can't imagine living back then. Sometimes, though, I wish we could...even for a while. It seems like it would be so hard but still so blessed being that close to the land. It reminded me a bit of Slovakia. Simple people with hard lives but so much to accomplish each day and not much time to worry about what other people are doing/thinking. We are so lucky to have this nearby. They still have lots of fun things happening this Fall so, if you are close, make a point to get there.

That is the whole process...truly amazing to watch. Oh, not the last picture. She was just finding out what it's like to be a "mom" in the 18th century. LOL

Have a blessed week!

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