Friday, August 1, 2014

Five on Friday

We made it through another week! Thanks be to God for that. We have been battling some odd GI issue and everyone is looking forward to the weekend. This one especially since we'll be spending Sunday at The Fest. More on that next week. For now, here's what we've been doing.

1. Swim Lessons
The weather has been less than optimal with the cold nights but I'm proud of our two older kids. They braved the water, worked hard and passed their class! Only #1 will move on (phys ed requirements, etc.) but hopefully the others will have warm water enough to practice in our own private group. Here are some photos of the swimmers (and the sitters).

2. Chores
I've been trying to institute a chore system so that the kids can start helping in a more "formal" way. So far, it seems to be working. #1 found a good quote from the Rule of St. Benedict and we talk about how helping out is showing love and service to the whole family. I'm not sure how much gets through but at least they're learning some real life skills.

3. School
This was our first non-VBS week after two weeks on so it's been a bit difficult to get back to the swing of things (like today #1 is off volunteering in the morning so her work will have to come later). It's not all the cohesive unit I had planned. Still, we manage our pledge, prayer and scripture shout each morning before dad leaves us for the day. We've been working on letters with the youngest and it's gone really well. I didn't specifically plan to, but I've started using Catholic Icing's preschool curriculum (sort of) and it's been a really nice starting point. She's more in-depth than I really want but I would highly suggest it for anyone because if you want it all in one package, it's a great tool...if you don't, there are lots of good ideas for bringing religion into your school day. We've made it through "A" and "B" so far.

3. Praying and Church
I've been very pleased with our little people these days. We don't usually manage a daily rosary but they are much more willing to take the lead with prayers during the day (we are blessed to hear the Angelus bells and usually stop whatever meal is happening to say the prayer) and for special intentions, like when an ambulance passes or there is a baby to be born soon. Confession as a family has also improved. Last night we had to wait 45 min until it was our turn and they were really good, even if they only prayed part of the time.
one of the "prayerful" moments

can you see that cute little head at the end of the pew?
4. Growing up
I guess, after almost 9 years, we are growing up. We're getting bigger at least because we're running through shoes at a break-neck pace. Yesterday we said our final goodbyes to the "snazzy plaids" that were a staple of #3's and now #5's wardrobe. I was talking to #4 and she wanted to know why they were being thrown away. It was kind of sad to talk about not having a new little boy to pass them to but, in this case, I think they've been well-loved ;0)

5. Dumpster diving
I was walking on Tuesday night with a friend through her neighborhood. The friend lives in a fairly wealthy area and Tuesday is trash night. Let me just say that a lot of these people have never heard about "Use it up, wear it out..." but, fine... I was happy to take part in helping to use it up and I was also happy to see that there are trucks roaming for that exact same purpose. I will learn, in the future, to take a wagon along. There was a delightful crayon clothes tree that had been snatched before we could pick it up on our way back home. As it was, I snagged this excellent bookshelf. Ten minutes of cleaning and it's serving us well in our play/study room.
I pray that whatever you're doing this weekend, it will be blessed. Rest and enjoy your blessings and trials, giving all thanks to the One who loves you. One last picture from our #11 celebration. I still can't believe God loved me enough to bring this guy. Amazing.


  1. That's a beautiful picture of the two of you!

    1. Thank you. are a good person:0)