Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Maranatha, Day 2

I neglected to give an "intro" to Maranatha yesterday. Quickly, it's a "Vocation" Bible School and we are SO blessed to be part of the program. Little ones start at 4-years-old as Franciscans and spend a week each summer studying about their particular order. From Franciscans you go to Little Sisters of the Poor, Spiritans, Missionaries of Charity, Benedictines, Passionists and finish with parish priests (you know, non-order...there is a better name but my mind is having a bad day).

In the main hall, there are dolls dressed in the habits of each order.

This year we have a Franciscan, Little Sisters of the Poor, Missionary of Charity and #1 and I are in the Passionists. They are all amazing experiences (the Franciscans talk about the POPE and St. Francis and the nativity for example) but I am learning so much I didn't know about the Passionist order. The greatest part of the week (well, ok, it's water day for the kids), BUT the second greatest day is "special visitor" day. When possible, a priest or sister from the order comes to speak to the class. Today, the Passionists met Fr. Pat Geinzer, C.P. What a spiritually abundant 20 minutes!

Father explaining the "sign" of the Passionist order

and the Passionist crucifix (Mary is standing at the bottom)

The 15 decade rosary (the Passionists only have 10 decades - they are to live the Sorrowful Mysteries each day)

A blessing from father with the cross

then with a relic of St. Paul of the Cross

We are so, so blessed that this type of experience exists for our kids. Please keep the program in your prayers..so that it may grow to reach even more young men and women and enrich their faith.

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  1. I so wish we had something like Maranatha here- it sure was a blessed experience last year! I enjoy reading your recaps.