Friday, July 18, 2014

Maranatha, Days 4&5

Let's start at the end. Today was the final day of Maranatha. We began with Mass as a group, followed by Adoration. It was really lovely to watch all the little (and not so little) ones come together to worship. It gives me some hope for the future of the Church. I need to pray harder so that fidgety kids in Mass don't bug me quite so much. I'll get there ;0)

I have no pictures but, after Mass, we came together to teach the final lesson for our group. We read the Passion then talked about all the little crosses we face each day and how we can unite them with the Cross of Christ. A large tree-branch cross was brought it and the kids each took a turn nailing their cross (which they wrote on a small piece of paper) to the larger cross. Such excellent much for them to ponder at later times.

I just saw #2 with his "bag of goodies" that they take home from VBS at the end of the week. He had a freezer bag filled with things to represent the corporal works of mercy (crackers to feed the hungry, water to give drink to the thirsty, etc...). He will be giving that lesson to us after dinner this evening.

I love Maranatha. It's just the best experience. Even Blondie had a great time and learned so much. We are blessed.

OK, on to day 4. I'm sure they did lots of great things but, alas, we were not there. We were at Slovak Day at Kennywood with thousands of other Pittsburgh Slovaks. It was a must that we go this year so the top 3 could dance with their Pittsburgh Area Slovaks group. It was hectic and crazy but lots of fun. (Blondie wore the outfit we got from relatives in Slovakia since she wasn't dancing this year). I was impressed that most of our kids even rode some rides. Who knew we would eventually realize the fun of an amusement park?! Here are some of the shots (I took way too many).

Tiny man meets the Kangaroo

I have one just like that with #1 (minus the shoes)

 The group - they did well (#3 is in the middle, #1 with her cello, #2 turned head in the front right)
Trying to win a SWEET giant bowling pin (they didn't)

The sign says "Slovak Day" but I cut it off :0(

 Good sport to hang in kiddieland with her sibs
 Pilot and co-pilot
 Finally - a ride he likes!
 Tiny man was not a fan (with dad on the other side)
 This was the crowd favorite
 Even tiny liked it
 Slovak hunters - ready to dance ;0)

 and sing
 Isn't that little guy cute!
After the show we had Mass with TWO bishops! Score!

We were so blessed to make it and participate in such a great day. Have a great weekend!

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