Sunday, July 27, 2014

Take time every day...

I have been praying for a few weeks now that God would "send a sign" that we're doing/thinking/understanding what He wants for us to do/think/understand in our lives. While I would love the Blessed Mother to appear and say "don't be're doing the right thing" I know that's likely a bit dramatic for little old me. So, I receive little clues via email...

"This Lord of ours is so anxious that we should desire Him and strive after His companionship that He calls us ceaselessly, time after time, to approach Him . . . His appeals come through the conversations of good people, or from sermons, or through the reading of good books; and there are many other ways, of which you have heard, in which God calls us. Or they come through sicknesses and trials, or by means of truths which God teaches us at times when we are engaged in prayer; however feeble such prayers may be, God values them highly."— St. Teresa of Avila, p.25, The Interior Castle

God calls in other ways too. Yesterday we were at the VBS closing Mass and the pastor decided to give #3 child his giant black-and-gold rain stick to hold during Mass. When said child asked me if Mass would end soon (we were about 10 minutes in) I said "you know the Holy Spirit whispered to Father to hand you that stick as a reminder from Jesus that He loves you and wants you to pay attention." It worked!

I'm was amazed and yet I don't know why it took me by such surprise. I do believe that God is constantly reaching out to us, longing for us to turn to Him. It's really clear if you take time to be open in this way to His call.

So let's make a plan, shall we? Let's be open this week to God's call. It can come in a "good morning" sunbeam or a "I'm here to walk with you" during a long night with a sick child. If you can't find Him in the midst of your day then you do the calling (I do this a lot). He is there. We just need to look and listen.

God is so good. We are blessed! Have a great week.

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