Friday, July 25, 2014

I missed it

I could blame my lack of sleep or general feeling of unwell but I'm not going to cop out like that. I had a golden opportunity today and I blew it. I had the perfect chance to unite my suffering to Jesus and I let it pass. I'm bummed.

Let me back up. Child #3 threw up at breakfast yesterday and proceeded to be fine for the rest of the day. So this morning, when he looked not great but said he was well enough to return to VBS for the last day, I took him. I signed them up for this week as an agreement with someone who failed on their end but I figured we'd make it through the best we could. They are all enjoying the experience.

So, when he unloaded outside the door (and partly on the back of his sister's shirt) I wasn't surprised but I was also less than thrilled. Still, I soldiered on. (I should say that this particular VBS is always late starting and late ending...). Anyway, we cleaned up, I changed little girl's shirt (who said "can we just GO" - meaning "can we get into VBS already") and I took my sick boy home. That's not my fail of the day - I think I handled that well with the assistance of a very kind father who immediately came to my aid.

My fail happened later, when we were waiting the extra 15 minutes for pickup. We were standing outside the doors again when my attention was drawn to a very animated group of moms not far away.

"So the brother just pukes everywhere...the grass, the sidewalk, all over the back of his sister's shirt." said the pretty blonde woman.
"Oh, I know. Then the sister was crying 'I want to go home, I want to go home!'" said the well-toned brunette.
"She had like five kids with her too" the last one said with great disdain..

So, here's my fail. I walked up, looked the blonde in the face and said, "I'm standing right here"

"Oh", said the blonde, "I didn't realize you were nearby."

"Well", I said, "gossip is always wrong."

It's not that I don't gossip. I do. My problem, other than the five kids comment, was making an excuse for gossiping when it's clear you are in the wrong. I didn't handle it well, though and it's made a crummy day even worse. I have the chance, like always, to take these less-than-stellar days and make them as good as possible (see the scripture verse in the previous blog)...I failed that one in all kinds of ways today.

So, I suppose I'll go pray for those women. I'll pray that if and when they post this on their FB today, it might be with a tiny bit of remorse and at least a bit more kindness. In the meantime, I will do my best to offer it up and let it go.

After all, I am extremely blessed....and it's Friday. Have an awesome day.

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