Tuesday, July 8, 2014

And finally...

The third part of our homeschool odyssey was actually the following day. Before heading for home, we stopped by The Amish Farm and House. Don't believe what the reviews tell you, not the latest anyway (many people were "shocked" that it's in the corner of a Target parking lot...as if they somehow built a house and farm from the 1800's in that space, not the other way around! Ug.)

Anywhoo...I was sad as I walked through the farm, thinking that the shops were so close. To me, it's just another reminder of how society has taken over with its "needs". Oh, another lady was mad because Amish people didn't actually live there and just let you tour their house 7 days a week. Honestly...ok, rant over.

The tour and individual exploration time were amazing. Just enough to get our little ones a great taste of what an Amish life is about. There were so many great things to explore. Here are a few...

We started out in the farmhouse, built in 1805, and learned lots of good things about where the Amish reside in the county, and where they came from originally. Also, there were many examples of quilts throughout the home.

Moving outside, we saw what the house might look like on "wash day" as well as the blacksmith shop and the tobacco barn.

We saw an outdoor bake oven, a thriving garden (broccoli in its natural state!) and milked a pretend cow.

The kids each got to take their turn at using this contraption to make their own jump rope from three pieces of twine. It really works!

We met an amazingly talented carver (he specializes in roosters) who also gave "swing" rides to tiny Blonde girls; then spent some time talking to the Amish schoolmarm who pumped her fist and shouted "hooray" when she learned we were homeschoolers (I appreciate the fact that Amish school starts at 1st grade).

The last "demonstration" was by two Amish farriers (I have no pictures - because they are Amish and because I was fascinated). These brothers have been shoeing horses for 15 years and it was amazing to watch. Eli worked the anvil and his brother (didn't find out his name) told the jokes while he was working on the horse. When I asked what "lucky guy" figured out how much to cut, how to nail the shoes, etc...he said "I've heard it's the same guy that, when sitting around a fire one night said, 'You know that creature that tried to kill Charlie last night? I'm going to ride it'" Amish humor at its best.
After we stuffed our brains we played, took walks and acted silly. What a perfect ending to this wonderful family adventure. We are blessed.

 can you see them in the windows?

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  1. Looks fun and educational. I love touring historical buildings! Tom's sister lives in Lancaster....we should pay her a visit and drag her to all the touristy stuff :-)