Monday, July 7, 2014

Homeschool Vacation Part 2

After stuffing ourselves with the bounty of the Market, we headed Southwest about an hour's drive and arrived at my sister's house. It's a kid's wonderland - enough space to run and run and run (reminds me of where we all grew up, except flatter!). Oh, and there are three really large animals that reside there as well. So, of course, we had to sneak in a "horse unit" before everyone else arrived (homeschool on a holiday!). Auntie did a great job and it was fun to see the actual thing we had been reading about for the last week.

The three...

Treats to start.

Finding the withers.
 Feeling the tailbone. 
 Great student!
Animals of a different sort.
Having finished school early, we were free to celebrate the 4th with my family. Other than the wind, it was a glorious day - lots of food, fun and fireworks!



Dunk ;0)

Amber waves of grain

Ribbon dancer

We even had a chance to celebrate three July birthdays!
Blondie turns 4

Grammy turns 78!
Poor cousin...missed his birthday cake because he was zzzzz :0)

Then came a Pirates win (against the Phillies!) and lots of good time with family followed by my brother's fantastic fireworks. My sis knows how to throw a party!

Cute but not mine ;0)

Raise the Jolly Roger!
 Waiting for the show

I see why people think they're twins.

Zambelli's East


What an amazingly blessed day. I am so thankful for days like this...when I have time with my siblings, my kids play with their cousins, and we all come away happy and relaxed. It seems that even the stuffed animals were having fun, based on their arrangement when we arrived back at the hotel.

We are so blessed. Happy Birthday, America!


  1. The stuffed dog/wolf animal by the tv...kinda freaked me out! :) Looks like a lovely time!

  2. Whoa, is that a...coyote in the living room?