Friday, May 1, 2015

Five on Friday's kind of been a long week. Grateful to God, it's Friday. That means family time and a restful weekend to spend time with the important people and regroup.

1. Finally, Spring!

I admit it was a little distressing last Saturday to wake up and find SNOW on the ground "onion snow" as my dad would call it. Thankfully, it didn't last and we closed out April with the "showers" that accompany the month. On the non-rainy days we were able to get outside and play! I like this pre-garden time when you don't have overgrown tomatoes or weeds staring you down and you can just spend time throwing a ball around.

 I think I've found my weed-puller ;0)
 There are several trolley stops in the yard, including "PNC Park", "Picnic Table" and "White Mountain" no idea about the last one.
 I love flowers that just come up and look beautiful all on their own.

I think this is still the greatest gift ever.

2. Endings

This week we said goodbye to our friends at Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Tuesday was the little ones' last day and it was bittersweet for me. We won't be returning in the Fall and the teacher is so dear. It will be a little sad not seeing Miss Mary every week. The older two finished their classes last night. It is a bit of a trial to cross town at rushhour but it has been a huge blessing to be in the radio-less car with these two. Lots of good talks, rosaries, chaplets. Many prayers for friends near and far while we wait in traffic. I am interested to see how the dynamic changes when we have a car full of little saints-in-the-making (oh, and!

3. Trials

This week has had its share of trials. Thank you for offering your prayers, they helped immensely. I like to think I have the ability to weather all types of storms (having five little kids in today's society kind of supplies many of the storms) but it still hurts a great deal to be unfairly judged. Having someone who preaches non-judgement be the one who judges makes it even more difficult to bear. Still, we are all human and we all make mistakes (clearly, I'm also well-versed at making mistakes!). My job now will be to resist the desire to be on guard in that relationship. I read a really cute story about porcupines last week. It talked about putting up with jabs if you want to be close to people. So, I will learn to deal with those close to me who decide to hurt me sometimes. I am grateful to those whom I jab and who still choose to remain in my life. 

4. MAY!!!

Well, it's finally May. It's hard to believe but here it is. This month, like last, will be full of wonderful celebrations. The last day of school, birthdays, First Communion, family visits and, hopefully, rest. I have to admit these last days of school are hard-going. Still, we will do our best and try to finish strong so that we can enjoy our few weeks off.

5. Field Trips

One of my very favorite parts of homeschool is taking extended trips to new states and learning all about our nation and our faith (the pilgrimage continues!). This Summer is shaping up to be a really exciting tour of the mid-west and the Fall promises the northeast and (finally!) a trip to the Divine Mercy shrine. We are passing up the Pope for that one and, while I would like to see the Holy Father, I think I will enjoy a quiet, prayerful weekend with my peeps and beloved even more. Stay tuned. 

 So beautiful! I can't wait!!!

Today I wish you an abundance of God's love and grace. Be assured of my prayers for you at First Friday Mass and more prayers during our car rosary this evening. God is so good to us, all the time. Never forget to praise Him in all things.

St. Joseph the Worker, Pray for Us!
We are blessed.

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  1. Love seeing those kids letting their imaginations run wild in the yard- and you're the third person in the past two weeks who has plugged the backyard tramp. So close to caving.

    That church is beautiful. So exciting

    Excited to see you NEXT MONTH! B^D