Friday, May 29, 2015


So, I thought "Summer" was supposed to be easier? I guess we haven't reached Summer yet, since we are jammed full of activity each day. It's been another full, blessed, exhausting week. Some of the highlights...


This was Memorial Day and, as I mentioned, the parade was awesome. We had so much fun standing with our little crew of neighbors, whom I love dearly. It was a very special day. The day started with 9 AM Mass which was, as always, a good way to start the day and work week (even though no one was working). We are blessed to have the ability to worship freely every day of the week. 


Well, that was quick. Grateful that the peonies and wisteria remain constant even if everything else changes at an unbelievable pace!


Tuesday morning we were off with friends to see Three Billy Goats Gruff at the mother-ship library in town. It is an impressive library and the show was good but I forgot for a minute about my bubble. First, walking in with my five, the librarian says "Are you checking in? What is the name of your school?" Lol. 

 I don't know...kind of a small school I think.

Then, while we were waiting for the show, I sat down with Alpha and Omega to read a few books from the "Father's Day" theme table. I picked up a board book for G titled, "Me, Daddy and Papa". Yes, I am that naive. I suppose the bad grammar threw me off. (oh, and the fact that it's a BOARD BOOK). Not ranting...Alpha chose one that was entitled "Sam has two dads" and we had a short but direct discussion, most of which she seemed hesitant to believe (I was grateful we weren't asked to leave at this point). Pushing further, we did find a book about a father who had a wife and six (!) kids (that's practically a school!). So, kudos to the library for presenting all sides.

Tuesday night was, by far, the best part of the day. We were blessed to attend the Ordination to the Diaconate of a Brother from our local Oratory. Never having been to an Ordination, it was quite a thing in which to take part. When this part came

we were all welling up. What a fantastic opportunity for all the little ones (the older little ones I guess) to see this beautiful ceremony. Wow. For our newest Communicant, of course, the highlight was receiving the Holy Eucharist from the Bishop and the Precious Blood from the brand-new Deacon. 

The older two have started the "Deacon love society" through which they identify and pray for members of the diaconate. I suppose it can't hurt.


I know, after an almost two-hour ordination, the best possible place to go is noon Mass! Seriously, though, it was on our way (we were heading to the ballgame) and our (now beloved) Fr. Joe was preaching. He had a really lovely homily on how we seem to seek out everyone's gaze but Christ and He is the one always looking to meet our gaze. It is such an excellent reminder for me at this point in my life, to not worry about what anyone else thinks and to keep my eyes focused heavenward.
Spiritually filled we headed back on the trolley and under the river. We had a few miscues (as is common when traveling with 5 little kids) but it was a glorious day and we thoroughly enjoyed our time at the stadium. We even cheered along as we were walking to the trolley when they rallied to win the game (#2 had altar server know, priorities). Let's Go Bucs!

 It seems there is now a "Bacon" pierogi...???

I love this shot. My first and last babies :0)


By now the kids are exhausted so it seemed like the perfect time to join a friend and her kids and head to school Mass at our parish (hee, hee). It is always a good homily, as the priests gear it to school-aged kids, and it was a delight to spend 30+ minutes in a pew with 9 kids and 2 adults, all of whom were reasonably well-behaved the entire time. Let us say the grace was flowing.
After Mass we took #1 to cello lessons and were on our way to pick up some much needed groceries in my new-to-me Honda Pilot. Then it occurred to me that both a cello and groceries would not fit into said vehicle (well, not with the six passengers anyway- who designs these cars?). So, we just hung out, grateful for the break.


Fresh off his altar training this week, #2 wanted to head to 8 AM Mass this morning. He was filled with enthusiasm and I should have made it happen. Still, I just couldn't do it. I could not drag my old self out of bed this morning. It was the wrong decision, based on the later fallout, but that's just one of those live-and-learn things. We will all work through the issues and try again tomorrow. Forgiveness is such a necessary part of life. Almost as important as being able to see the situation from the other person's point-of view.
Today was the perfect day to hang in the back yard and blow/pop some bubbles.

I am pleased to say that we are once again stocked up with groceries and I am so grateful that we have reached the weekend. It doesn't promise any time for rest (soccer, wedding, dance show) but at least we will again be together and I will be reunited with my very best friend...the one who helps me pull this train. Except, having pulled the train all week, I think I'll probably sleep in the caboose for a while ;0) I am a lucky girl to have such an amazing husband. I just bought a shirt that says that exact thing!

Wishing you a happy, safe weekend. We are blessed.

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  1. I love hearing about the amazing things you all are doing.

    Crazy couple of days here, but you've been on my mind... More later.

    Miss you!