Sunday, May 31, 2015

Joy and Struggle

Well, friends, this has been one interesting weekend. When I sit down and look back at the last two days I just think, "now that was not according to the plan... and it's OK." 

The wedding I mentioned in the last post was actually a wedding at our parish; the first at which #1 would assist as an altar server. She was very nervous and we did our best to reassure her but, in the end, there is no way to just do your best.

I happened to be there in case she had any difficulty and, well, I like weddings. Two people joining together in the sacrament of marriage is one of those milestones that is hard to pass up. It's kind of fun to sit with the guests and ride the wave of anticipation for this new couple about to embark on a life together.

Except, well, this was no ordinary wedding. It turns out that the bride was really, really, extra-nervous and after Father's excellent homily (the four "C"s that should hold up your marriage are "commitment", "communication", "comedy" and "Christ"), the bride (and the rest of the people on the altar) had to head into the sacristy for 15 minutes because she was unable to continue. It seems she felt dizzy and sick. They eventually came out and the bride and groom conferred the sacrament to one another but  I'm sure it was nothing like they had planned. Sometimes it just works out that way. If their ultimate goal was to be joined together in a Catholic marriage, they achieved matter what else went on.

Today was a little like Groundhog Day (remember that movie?). We sent #1 back up to the altar to serve the 9 AM Mass and all was well. Until sometime right after Communion (I am embarrassed that I was busy reprimanding a rather naughty 4-year-old) when I looked up and noticed that she wasn't on the altar. After a few minutes passed and I still didn't see her, I sent DH back to check. They came out after Mass had ended, walking slowly, her looking very white and teary. She said she felt dizzy and left the altar to rest in the sacristy. We got her home and fed and she seems to be better.

So, this was our weekend. Joyful occasions with a good dose of trial in between. It was worrisome at the time and yet, as in everything, we know that God is there. I have been praying for the bride and groom today. Perhaps this trial at the beginning of their marriage will bond them together and allow them to realize that much of life will not go according to plan but that, in joy and struggle, God will walk beside them. 

Have a blessed week.

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  1. I'm stealing the four 'c's' for our Pre-Cana class! I probably heard that at some point in the past but forgot it.

    I haven't read your blog too much. It's on my blogroll but most of the time this past year, I deleted most of my unread stuff, it's been a crazy year.

    Hope to see you at some point over the summer. I'm 'planning' to homeschool next year and I'm terrified! I'd love to pick your brain. God Bless!