Sunday, May 10, 2015

Queen of Heaven, Pray for Us

I don't know if I ever found out why May is Mary's month but if it's because it also contains Mother's Day, that would be the very best of reasons. As a Christian mother, Our Lady is my constant companion and confidant. She is always there, always read to listen, always faithful (and she never passes on your concerns except to her Son!)

From today's bulletin
On this Mothers' Day we honor our mothers, grandmothers, and all who have taken on this role in our lives, who by their care and sacrifices have showed us the love of God in so many ways. For most of us it was our mothers who first taught us to pray and who raised us in our Catholic faith. I firmly believe that the truest way that we can honor our mothers is to cherish our faith, to practice it well, and to pass on this faith to our children.

It was wonderful to sit in our parish, surrounded by many of the women who help me to mother our children. It does take a village...not so the mother can abandon her children for her own fulfillment but because, when done properly, it takes more grace and energy than is contained in one human being. These women are friends, also walking with small children, creating a community that strives to help our children reach heaven. These women are grandmothers and those without children, who weekly support our efforts to bring our children to Mass and school them in the faith. There are even a few who aren't women (#3 said "Happy Mothers Day!" to the deacon and priest as they drew near after Mass) and yet they support me, as a mother, in the duties that I have been given by God. How very blessed I am!

So on this Mothers Day I will still be working, a lot, to prepare for the two big days this week. I don't mind. I treasure the gift that is my motherhood. I love to cook and provide clean clothes for my children. I love spending time with them, even when we are disagreeing, because I truly value the unmerited gift that they are to me. To have this fleeting moment in time in which I get to help God raise and form a soul on earth? Well, that's pretty much the best gift ever.

As always, we flocked to the Blessed Mother to wish her, the greatest of all mothers, a happy day and to give thanks for our blessings.

 I am immensely blessed.
Because, without him, I am not a mother. Double bonus :0)

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to my dear friend! Thank you for teaching me so much on this journey through motherhood. I am greatly blessed by you!