Friday, May 8, 2015

We are blessed

I say that all the time and you may wonder why. I wondered myself until I remembered a few days ago. So, if you're interested, here's the skinny (that used to mean "the explanation" in the '90s. If it means something else now, forgive me).

A while ago (I'm not sure when. Most of the things I just threw out of my pantry expired in 2010...where did we lose 5 years?) our pastor had a really amazing homily (and many in between then and now). I don't know what reading it referenced or what the situation was but he reminded us that, even in trials, we are blessed. What a simple, yet important thing to remember! So, from then until now, I have taken it into my verbiage (thanks, Father!).

I think, when you look at things through that lens, you do see a lot more of the connections that the Holy Spirit makes. The other day, my sweet friend had an incident and wrote to me, "how may I use my mortification to help you today?". Just now, I found out that a dear man we visit every month had a surprise visit from us on his television last week. The woman who brought us together through a ministry she heads has been more and more on my mind and in my prayers. Our doctor, who we "chose out of a book" has become, with their entire family, some of our dearest, most faithful friends.

We are all a community, closely resembling a family. God permits all of these little connections to one another and if you watch and listen hard enough, things will begin to make sense. I've found that this is especially true in my faith life. Those who are walking along with me are some people I may not have ever met if it weren't for blindly saying "yes" more than a few times.

The greatest part of this family? We are all here, now, on this planet so we have to coexist. That being said, it's a big family. There are lots of paths to heaven. Being family, you may find that some of those closest to you don't fit your path....or don't fit your path yet...or don't fit your path anymore. That's probably part of the plan. God made us all different so that we can help one another along the way when our paths cross and the time is right.

For those who are not heading your direction? Bear them patiently (or bear them while you are making your exit). Who knows when a word, gesture, or just living your life gently and deliberately will bring balm to someone who is struggling?

and some come in as both ;0)

Today, after a beautiful morning spent with friends at a May crowning, it is clear how much God loves us. Make sure you spend at least some of your weekend letting Him know how much you appreciate that love. Love Him back. He's waiting.

For all the mothers reading, may you be blessed on Sunday and always. Thank you for nurturing the next generation. Thank you for saying yes to life. Thank you for your many, many sacrifices.

Blessed Mother, Pray for Us

We are blessed.

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  1. I love this- so true. Just yesterday, I got a comment on my blog from a stranger, who said she would be praying for me today, as I mentioned Mike would be away. As much as this world of always being "connected" in an internet sort of way can be anxiety-causing, it also offers a lot in the way of community connections that we would otherwise not have.

    And you may have noticed ;^) that I adopted the "We are blessed" expression from you. It's a good frame of mind, indeed!

    Have a blessed day, my friend! (and thanks for the prayers)