Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mary's Month

In the Catholic church, the month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Mother. It is such a perfect match ...the beauty of the world at this time of the year is stunning. Spring brings hope and who personifies that better than Our Lady?

Different churches have different traditions. At vigil last night, it was announced that they would be praying the rosary before every Sunday Mass in honor of Mary. Next week we will distribute holy cards and precious feet for Mother's Day (always remembering the greatest of all Mothers). Today was our Children's Rosary and we started it all off with a procession of flowers, songs and a crown for the Queen of Heaven.

I love our Children's Rosary so much. The woman who runs it is the most amazing, faithful woman. It has been such a blessing to get to know her well. Today, in the midst of my current unrest, closed away in the beautiful little chapel, I felt wrapped in Her mantle; safe and loved. What a gift that we can teach our children these truths so early. How blessed we are to support one another.

Blessed Mother, Pray for us and always lead us to your Son.

We are blessed.

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