Monday, March 2, 2015

What about my MEEEE time?

I just had mine. I was running on this...
It's my "mystery" treadmill. Since the circuit board quit (although the belt still idea, I'm not an engineer) I run for 20 minutes and it's a "mystery" how far and how fast ;0)

I do that because of this
Whatever the flu shot was this year, I'm thinkin it didn't work on the under-two crowd. Poor boo.

I had to run because, well, it makes me a nicer person. That 20 min is all the me time I get today. If you stop to see me, I'm stinky so you have been warned.

Now I will return to my kids and their school and prayers before we all get to work on the moose juice and cat's mac n cheese for dinner.

The treadmill and lack of sufficient me time? #offeritup #firstworldproblem (see, I could tweet if I wanted to).

I am so blessed I'm giddy with it. :0) Enjoy the day!

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