Friday, March 27, 2015

Five on preparation

Well, like it or not, a week from now we will be almost through Good Friday. More on that later. Here are some of the ways we have been and will be using the last few days to prepare...

1. Living Stations

Our Catholic school does an amazing job with this every year. We went Wednesday night and it is always a great reminder of the things to come. We celebrated the beautiful evening (60 degrees!) by walking to church and back and on the way home, little man sang this the whole way...I'm thinking we have to walk to Mass on Sunday (it's going to be colder but, oh well) so we can sing all along our trip. Love that.

2. Prayer

We're ramping up the prayers around here as we close in on the Triduum. Different places (driving, walking) and different times of day. Breaking up the whole rosary into manageable bits. Adding new prayers. We're doing whatever we can to be present while learning. On Wednesday, while making dinner and finishing craft projects I said, "Let's be Benedictine" - "Ah," said #1, "Ora et Labora". So, we prayed a rosary during our work. No one complained. Go figure.

3. Church!
There are SO many opportunities to go to church during Holy Week. We still have some sickness hanging on but I'm hoping it clears so we can go to daily Mass at least once, Mother's Stations on Wednesday, #1 serves Holy Thursday then the whole day of Good Friday. Good Friday services are my very favorite (Easter Sunday is a very close second- it's the people, not Jesus...working on it). If you're at services on Good Friday, you are likely a devout sort of Catholic and there is no where else to be if you want to walk that last walk of Christ's life on earth. I am exhausted by the end but in the best possible way. The overwhelming sadness makes a good base on which to rest then explode with unfathomable joy on Sunday!

4. Good Friday Passion Lunch

Have you been to Catholic Icing yet? She's a genius...truly. She is one of the few Catholic moms that uses her blog, not to make money or spend the day complaining about her "blessings", but to really help other moms pass the faith to their children. Last year we started the Good Friday Story of the Passion lunch. She tells the story with props (!) that are food (!) and our little ones LOVE it! It is a good way to talk about and share the Passion as a family while also sharing a meager meal. Just enough to keep you from passing out at Good Friday services ;0)

5. Rest

Let's face it, it's a really packed few days. That's why, after the Last Supper, the church visiting, and the emotional toll of Good Friday, it's good to rest on Saturday. We will take the basket to be blessed, gather for the traditional Slovak fare and just enjoy family. Early to bed so we can be awake and ready to shout "Alle...." Oh, #1 would kill me if I said it...persnickety, that one.

Many blessings to you on this most Holy of weeks. May the Passion flood your heart and bring you the unending gift of the Resurrection.

We are blessed.

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