Friday, March 6, 2015

Fridays in Lent

I have always loved this day, Good Friday being the best of the best, of course. It's something in my Eastern European nature, I suppose. We can be bleak people (remembering, of course, the joy that follows!).

We missed the first week but last week we began a Friday tour of the West End to attend Stations of the Cross. The kids have class at St. Vincent at 2 and dancing at 7 so normal Stations didn't fit our schedule. Still, my middle kid and I love them too much to pass up. We were blessed when I finally found a church (cluster) that offered them at Noon every week.

Last week was Guardian Angels and this week, Holy Innocents. What an amazingly beautiful church! Gorgeous stained glass and the frame over the altar displays the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. I can imagine it in its heyday, filled with people gathering to thank God for their lives, families and trials.

Alas, like many churches, the neighborhood turned and the church couldn't keep up with the "progress" of everyone leaving the city and having fewer kids. The school, right next door, is boarded up. Really sad to see. It was good that we could be there today and have a discussion of what happens to all of these old churches that no longer have people to fill them.

We tried, after, to go to the 40 Days vigil but parking at lunchtime is really difficult and the little man, who is still sick was done with the whole prayer thing. So, we figured the Holy Spirit was calling us to nap time. They are there and I'm on my way. Happy Third Friday of Lent. We are almost halfway done - keep up the good work :0)

We are blessed.

Our Holy Innocents ;0)

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