Friday, March 13, 2015

The problem with pre-writing...

Full Disclosure: Sometimes I write my "Five on Friday" during the week then schedule it to post Friday morning. It's not usually a problem except for weeks like this one when some of my friends are scratching my heads right now.

Here's the deal...that 5 on Friday post makes my life seem ho-hum at best and zzzz at the worst when, actually, it's been the continuation of The Best Lent Ever!!!

If #1 were standing here she would say, "you were being facetious just then, weren't you?" Well, maybe a little.

Seriously, though, I wrote that 5 post on Wednesday afternoon and set it to post early Friday. Here's what happened in the meantime...

How cute are they? I'm going to have them sneak into other homes and write it on other people's boards since we were already aware. We headed out to our "basement church" (the top one is closed this Lent - they say for "renovations" but I think it's to make people have more to repent from - like getting angry that they can't kneel or saying bad words when their kids move the squeaky chairs for the 10th time that evening.) Regardless, we went and I had an "in the zone" kind of evening. I figured it was the Holy Spirit getting me all graced up for something important.

Oh, yes. Waking up at 7 AM Thursday morning with the queasy, puky feeling previously reserved for pregnancy (and this is only peri-menopause!) So, I slept most of the morning except for the times I woke up to empty my stomach of all the nasty juices that are supposed to be used to break down all food I haven't eaten. Did I mention that I started my 24-hour fast for 40 Days at 7 PM Wednesday and it ran until 7 PM on Thursday? Easiest.Fast.Ever. (Have I also mentioned how extremely thankful I am that I have a helper on Thursday?)

By 1 PM the headache that was building had reached the point where I expected blood to spill out of my ears at any moment so I summoned DH from work to take me to the ER and wait the hour until he had to relive the sitter, he being relieved by my aunt (I find it's always better to have a physician with you, regardless of age, so they can give a second opinion immediately).

That storage of grace was needed...and more (I kept trying to start a rosary but lost track) because I hate hospitals. This time, like most others, they mean lying on a bed that should be reserved for the morgue, being stabbed numerous times by someone "trying to get a good vein" (I know it's not their fault, my veins stink) and being strapped down and shoved into a tight, little machine (panic attack, anyone?) Who knew when you get a CAT scan that they wrap your arms around you in a Velcro wrap (think straight jacket). I am totally serious. The C-Section cross-pose is looking much more attractive after that.

So, I made it out alive with only one blown vein in my hand and, at least 95% certainty that there is no bleeding in my brain. "It's probably a virus"...I think that's a direct quote from the discharge papers. No offense to family and friends (whom I dearly love!) who may be in the medical field. Sometimes I think it's about as accurate as those financial people who pick stocks for a living (hoping DH doesn't read this post...)

It wasn't a total loss, though. I tried, as often as I could, to offer up the pain or distress for others that might need extra grace at that moment. I said "Jesus, I trust in You" about 400 times over the 6 hours. I also heard, loud and clear, "By the way, this is just a highlight reel of what you go through with every pregnancy...are you ready to give up that dream yet?" I have to say, lying on that bed, I was ready to let it go. I can honestly look at my life and be humbled at the gifts given me. For what more could I ask?

He seemed pleased with that because not only did I wake up in time to see the reminder that #1 was the only server for Mass this morning but also felt well enough to accompany her. Our effort was not in vain
Can you see a sunrise and not be overwhelmingly thankful to God for the day He has given you? Not me. I am blessed! (and praying for a mediocre second-half of Lent. LOL)

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