Sunday, March 1, 2015

Following the Plan

Do you ever congratulate yourself for having the perfect plan? Does it seem to you to be the best possible strategy for all involved; supplying the most result from a streamlined effort? I feel that way sometimes. There are certain days when everything goes as planned and things happen exactly the way I wanted them to. Other days, like today, God has His plan and, let's be honest, it's always superior to mine...even when mine was perfect. Go God!

Today is Sunday and following on the heels of last Sunday, the plan was to go to Mass then head down to the 40 Days Vigil with the kids to pray a rosary and witness to life. Sunday is a quiet day there (as compared to days like yesterday) so it's a nice family-friendly day for the most part. I am hoping, by taking the kids there to stand with others for life, they will ask questions and have discussions to process the issue and grow it in their hearts (as much as little people are able).

God had another plan. It was better. Go God!

When I was getting ready for Mass, I checked my email and there was a message from the head of the local vigil. For the second time this cycle, it was cancelled. one was expected to report for their shift. Sometimes people still go but, rightly, Nikki was concerned about safety and another, very important issue.
Even though it may appear weak to stay home and pray when the roads are just might be the show of humility that God wants to see.  Sometimes stubborn willfulness can disguise itself as faithfulness...and I have to watch out for that in myself.  So recognizing that I cannot control the weather and cannot ask others to endanger themselves for our vigil is, I hope, humility rather than weakness.
This is tough, yes? I make a plan and I will, come whatever, try to stick to it because that-is-the-plan. It's usually a good plan...going to daily Mass or Stations with the kids, going to stand vigil, etc., except...someone is sick, the weather is bad, etc... What a keen insight that it might show humility to go against the plan and trust that God will make it good!

So, I said a small prayer and then quietly continued to get ready. It was then that I was let in on the bigger plan...we went to Mass, then came home. While I made brunch, the kids worked.

 Thinking about the issue
 Discussing and drawing

 Creating beautiful signs
that spoke of their love and support for life.

We sat down to brunch and they thanked me for the "hotel brunch" which means they were impressed that I went all-out. I was given the perfect words to explain how my love for them as shown through a good, home-cooked meal is a reflection of God's love. Then DH and I helped connect that to the love we should show to the moms, babies, even the doctors who perform we are called to show them God's love with prayer, smiles, kind words and fasting. We are the face of Jesus to others. We have to be the face of love.

Gratefully, our mid-day plan remained the same so we headed back to church. A short talk with our leader and, just like that, our monthly Childrens Rosary had the added intention of 40 Days for Life! We placed the signs below the Blessed Mother on the altar so that everyone could see them as we prayed through the Sorrowful Mysteries (perfect for Lent but also to remember the tragedy of abortion).

So, as always, God's plan is better (I am not surprised). Not only did we participate in the vigil by saying our rosary for life, as we would have downtown; we also brought that cause to others who weren't previously familiar with the movement. Raising little one's voices to Our Lady for the cause of other little ones in the womb? Really excellent plan. Go God! ;0)

We are blessed.

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  1. I love this. What a great lesson/example for the kids.

    I love when God shows he has an even better plan. Go God! :^)