Thursday, March 19, 2015

Father's Day

Today is the feast of St. Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. St. Joseph is so revered by the Church for his dedication to Jesus, Our Lady and God's will that it's also a Solemnity. That's RIGHT! I get to drink my Guinness today instead of waiting until Sunday ;0)

Seriously, though. We, especially we Catholics, spend a great deal of time praying to God in the Holy Trinity and Our Blessed Mother but sometimes St. Joseph gets a bit of short-shrift. I wonder about his life. What would it be like to live with two sinless people? Surely he hit his thumb with a hammer on occasion or lost his temper with Jesus. I'm guessing he had a lot of sanctification, just from living his life. How wonderfully he did so. How much he loved and protected these two who came into his life without his input. I'm guessing, more than once, he looked to the heavens and shook his head, wondering "why me" - in good ways, more than bad, most likely.

Today is also the day we celebrate as my husband's "name/feast day" His name is "Easter" and no one is going to celebrate that day (cause, you know, we're busy) so, this is next best. It should be a feast for all the fathers...especially the ones who take up their crosses each day by not only going to work to earn a living and support their family but also come home to their "second job" of raising the kids alongside their wife. As my husband would say on one of his grumpy days, "some dads have golf or running as a hobby is kids". You know it, my friend.

How grateful I am! Like St. Joseph, DH did not come into this a young man and his stamina amazes me. Even yesterday there was an exchange between us that made me realize, again...after so much time (he turns 50 in two months and we've been at this gig for 10 years now) he would gladly welcome new life and was, at least somewhat, sad to think that the opportunity has passed.

If that were not enough, today on his feast day, he stayed home to take care of a very sick little girl while I took the two older ones to a class downtown. While I waited the two hours for them to finish, I had time to run into town, pray at the 40 days vigil, and run back to pick them up.

He washed sheets and fixed lunch and distributed sips of Gatorade. This is the kind of father and husband I have found. I am a very blessed person.

So, I will give him some extra hugs and kisses and prayers today and try to remind him (and me) of how lost I would be without his love and assistance. Now, I will go sit with the baby who has begun the two-day illness because tomorrow, I will leave DH again to struggle alone while I drive two of the boys to Philadelphia for their cousin's Confirmation (I'm the Sponsor, I kind of have to be there).

Is any of this the way we had planned? Of course not. Yet, I am grateful for the extra opportunity to see my husband in action as a caring, dedicated father. This is the Lent that keeps on giving ;0)

We are blessed.

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