Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tiny Tots

One of the great things about this city is all the opportunities to witness the performing arts in one form or another. Today was a rescheduled Tiny Tots from snowy February so we took advantage of the open seats (schools are finishing up - can't get to the symphony now) and enjoyed a great program on Peter and the Wolf. The kids love that piece and it's a great opportunity to listen for our favorite characters (while learning to hear each instrument among many).

Crummy phone camera :0(

It filled in a bit later.
When I looked around at so many of the moms, pregnant and dragging one or two little ones, I was struck by the amazing speed of time. It wasn't so very long ago that was me.

I'm beginning to realize how thankful I am to have passed through that tunnel to see the sun on the other side. We are having so much fun...I can't wait for the next adventure!
Starting the final push before the Jr. Tamburitzans concert on Saturday. Thanks to all of you who have given your support - they will be dancing their toes off :0)


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