Monday, June 30, 2014

Is it bad ...

- that I try with all my might to save up at least 9 Weight Watchers points each night so that I can have a margarita?

- that I have fallen out of love with running and deeply hope that I can quickly fall into love with step?

- that I assign value to a lot of extracurricular activities depending on when they fall in the school "year"? For instance, a sewing class offered in June is not as attractive to me as a dance class in September.

- that I laugh out loud at #5 who is enamored with the between-decade "Ave Maria" during family rosary and, as such, sings it as loudly as possible?

- that I tend to complain to my friends...a lot...about my struggles with my vocation and its place in society (as long as I buy them a glass of wine first)?

- that I will teach math and science but let VBS take care of the other "requirements" and call it a full school week?

- that I purposely signed my kids up for three weeks of VBS (and one science week) this year so that I could have some easy weeks?

- that I feel called back to Catholic school and all that it offers because of our new, young, veiled principal?

- that I will wait a year or two to see how said principal does against the worldly influences that threaten our local Catholic school?

- that I let my husband put the kids to bed nearly every night?

- that we are starting the pre-breakfast pledge and prayers at 7:30 even though they would already be heading to the bus at that hour for "real school"?

- that I don't "get" NFP because my cycle is so entirely random? Or that I don't really care?

- that I kind of like the Holy Spirit hanging around to guide me when I stop to listen?

- that I love my Human Life and Dignity committee at church even though I'm the only under-50 (and mostly under-70) member?

- that I am crazy in love with these little people and cannot believe how quickly time is passing?

The answers, for me, are all "no". Don't judge me or yourself because you may have answered differently.

Because my last answer was "NO!" I need to go now and try to get everything pulled together for tomorrow. I am so blessed to have this husband, these kids and this life. Man, God is good.

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