Monday, June 2, 2014

Pentecost Prelude

If you stop by here much, you know how many things in my life I attribute to the Holy Spirit. I am so grateful, even when things don't happen in a very obvious way, that the Spirit is here to guide me. What a blessing Jesus gave in not leaving us alone to fend for ourselves here.

Tonight I went to the Cathedral to share some time with some other lovely women and hear about the ENDOW program. It stands for Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women. If you want to know more, go HERE. It's awesome. I pray that it will catch on here like it has elsewhere.

It was nice to revisit the program and plant some seeds in my mind and heart that may or may not grow in the future. The point of my journey, however, was to listen to EWTN on the way home.

You see, our car radio has been out for well over a year and I don't want to fix it. It is too nice to have talking/singing/thinking aloud time with the kids when we're all driving around. It is tough, however, when I have to drive somewhere at night and there is nothing to focus my attention.

Thankfully, I kept my SIRIUS subscription on my phone! So, now, I just plug it in and listen to EWTN when I am alone (if the kids knew it existed, it would never change from symphony/kids place live). Thanks but no thanks.

When you shut down the app on my phone, it "keeps your place" for up to 3 hours (like TiVo, I'm told). Anyway, in my continuing struggle of whether or not to "church hop" and listening to the wonder of the Latin Mass explained to a friend tonight, and lots of other moments of confusion I hear this,
You can't leave Peter because of Judas. Sin will always be in the Church because, well, we're all sinners. If you find a "perfect" church, it will become imperfect the moment you go in because you, a sinner, have entered.
Don't be like DH and tell me all the things that are wrong with that idea. It's exactly what I needed to hear right now. It's good for me to weather some storms knowing that I am doing all I can to work to help change my parish for the better. Nothing is liturgically incorrect so I can deal with the people who are more liberal than my taste. By staying, I let them experience life lived in a different way through my witness. Maybe that's the point. Just like tonight may have been more about the car ride than the actual meeting.

I am beyond blessed :0)

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