Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The rain falls on the just and the unjust.

I try to be the former and often end up the latter. No matter, Whomever I am today, the rain fell on me.

You see, of all the days this month (has it rained once or twice in 25 days?) today was the day my van was in the shop. The check engine light has been on forever and, well, the snow tires are still on. Not only is there no rain these days, there is definitely no snow!

So, no problem. Walk the kids to VBS, get in a little run, walk back at noon, walk to swim lessons, etc...perfect plan but today it rained. A lot. For some reason, the bad drivers also seem to come out in the rain. Let me explain.

We walked up without too much incident and arrived at the Scott intersection. We waited and began to cross at the light when we had the crosswalk sign. Thanks to God #1 son was not running ahead as usual or you would all be praying for him...a car came through the light about 3 full seconds on the red. A great lesson for city kids to pay attention to lights AND cars but still more than a little nerve wracking. So, you can give me a pass (here's where I'm unjust) when I got up in a lady's window when she did the same thing on our trip home (except she managed to stop directly in the crosswalk). I had to. She was very busy with her texting/Facebook so it took a minute to get her attention. If you are reading this and text/Facebook while you're in the car (don't say "only at red lights" because you always finish as you're pulling away, right?) please stop now. If you know people who do this, tell them to stop. For the sake of my family, I beg you.

Down from my soapbox now. Here is the trip in between almost being run over... We made it to church and dropped the older three off, just as the rain began. I tried to get into church but, with a double stroller and only one door unlocked, no such luck. So, we hung out for ten minutes under the archway and watched the rain and the people.

I would have stayed a lot longer and watched the rain but, as you can see from the cute knees, I had passengers that were getting antsy. So, we rigged up our contraption and headed out. Do you think the lady on Facebook was slightly distracted that she didn't notice the giant hot pink orb directly in front of her?

So, we are home and have 2 hours to dry before heading out again. I am giving thanks to God and our guardian angels for protecting us on our journey. How blessed we are to be so well watched-over. Have a blessed, if soggy, day.

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  1. Oy. It's hard enough carting kids around anywhere without a car, let alone in the rain! I really wonder sometimes how our ancestors dealt with kids with no easy way to transport them. I guess people were more self-sufficient, so didn't need to go out for "supplies" as much...and they had relatives very nearby to watch the kids when needed.