Sunday, June 8, 2014

Come Holy Ghost!

I am so thankful that we were sent the Holy Spirit. I mean, think of life without that guidance. Personally, I'm lost enough as it is when I don't stop to listen. I can't imagine stopping and listening and hearing nothing...totally alone. Thank you, God, for this gift.

We made some fun hats (they are tongues of fire) and wore them around all morning (the older three wore them into and out of Mass.) Didn't want to disturb anyone who came in late and thought they were missing a "giveaway" - I know. I'm going to confession this week. Bad. Attitude.

I digress. Happy Birthday Church! Here are the cuties from this morning.

Now, back to yesterday. 

First, a Happy Birthday shout out to two far away friends, Iris and Abigail,  who celebrated their big day over the last few weeks (at least we had the right day for one!) We miss you and can't wait to see you!

So. We have worked and practiced, learned new instruments and new dances and even new languages, all to come together in one day - the year-end concert for the Jr. Tamburitzans of the South Hills. It was a long day but a lot of fun. I'm not sure we'll continue this coming year but it's always a possibility (an excellent music/physical education fulfillment ;0) ) I was proud of our two. They were nervous but did a really good job.

 Helicopter with the little girls ;0)
 The boy loves to sing!
 I was watching her and thinking...that's what I looked like in 3rd grade. Kind of cool.
 My pretty Russian girl
 Playing prim with the big kids.

 He made it through two hours of dancing. Cutie.
 Stick dance!

 Whew! They did it!

Then everyone had a blast dancing to the band. So much fun. We are blessed!


  1. Thanks for the birthday shout-out for the girls!

    What a fun time- Abigail loved looking at the costumes. I'm sure we would have loved to witness all the dancing, too. Good job , Sil and Dom!

    Love those flame hats :^)

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the outfits! Looks like such a fun organization to be a part of :-)