Monday, June 16, 2014


I don't know what happened but somehow, it's the middle of June already. I'm not sure what we've been doing for the last few weeks but I don't feel like it's been all that productive (except for the Tamburitzans thing, I guess). At the same time, I haven't felt really relaxed like I tend to in the Summer either. Looking at the calendar and all the camps to come (more on that late in another blog) I think, unconsciously, I wanted to change some things this week. I am so thankful I did.

This morning we had a book reading festival to reread some of our favorites before they were returned. Then, we took a walk, en masse, to the library before it got too hot. We turned in all but 17 books! I know it probably sounds like a lot but we are usually pushing (or slightly over) the 50 book limit. We adore the library system here and use it frequently.

After returning home I put Mr. G down for a nap. Again, it sounds crazy and it's not what I would choose but it's looking like this will be our homeschool time in a few weeks. He likes to nap and he likes it during the heat of the day. I always knew the later-born were smarter ;0)

While he slept, we dove into our Summer bridge books and then the older two started their chores for the day (more on that another time as well - we're still in the "experimental" stage). Blondie rested and looked at a book, I got some laundry done, #3 perfected his St. Louis Blues logo. Lunch for the oldest 4, pack lunch for G, wake him and we were headed down the hill by 1:15.

You see, swim lessons began today. It's a genius idea. I am soooo thankful that this year it finally works. I would be a wreck taking all of them to the pool alone but shipping off three while the two little ones and I play? Really brilliant. They all did well, too. Even my nervous middle child. I spent most of the time walking around the shallow end with the little two. We are so blessed to be near to this pool. The zero-entry is awesome. It means you can "swim" with your kids without ever putting on a suit because it's only a foot deep. Tomorrow I will wear a suit. The water was perfect.

So, we did it. We all made it down and swam for an hour and walked the entire way back up (with only 3, that's a steep hill!) Now, we will feast on applesauce pouches and watch WQED/EWTN until daddy comes home. This, in our house, is summer. We could not be more blessed.

 Waiting for the lessons to begin
 The two big boys were in the same class. It helped immensely.
 Learning to kick.
Acting like vegetables. This is the life :0)

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  1. ha - we do the Curious George thing in the afternoons on occasion as well...sometimes everyone just needs to sprawl out and do nothing for a little while!