Monday, June 2, 2014

"Spring" Cleaning...

I still have 20 or so days, right?
What an amazingly opportune time for our parish to have it's White Elephant sale (the weekend of the 13th, FYI). How perfect that they happen to be looking for so much of the "stuff" I have been aching to part with for so long now. Ahhh. I love a good "coincidence" ;0)

So, today, I dropped these off.
This weekend we should have two or three more ready to go. This is why I adore our library. No money to spend, no books to store.

These will go to the City Mission store, a few towns south of us, who run a lovely thrift shop and are always looking for donations.
So, even if it's not weight off my person, it is weight off my mind. It's always nice to get rid of the excess we no longer need while helping others. Double blessing!
As for "my person" well, I'm working on it. The ankle isn't cooperating but I don't care, really. Everyone needs something to offer up. I have a new jogging partner and we are starting, ever so slowly, to train for a 5k. Even if nothing happens, I enjoy getting out and looking around the area. It's nice to see neighbors and, as always, stop by church to give thanks on the way home.
Imagine my surprise when I looked in the "candy bag" last night (you all combine your kids' candy from holidays/parades into one central place for everyone, don't you???) and found this cutie...
I don't even want to think about how many miles it will take to run him off. It's OK. One day at a time. Do your best and know you are blessed!

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  1. aw man - I LOVE that white elephant sale...we're going to be out of town. Probably good for us not to accumulate more stuff, though :-)