Thursday, June 26, 2014


My littlest little person is engaging in the spoken word much more lately. This usually spurs some interesting conversation, like this morning when he and Blondie were leaving drop-off at VBS and heading to the grocery store:

G: Go church, Heaven
Me: Oh, that's you go to church to get to heaven?
Blondie: Of course not.

Me: What do you mean? Won't going to church get you to heaven?
Blondie: No. Going to Catholic church will get you to heaven.

I'm sure that's the Holy Spirit working on a theme since, after leaving VBS with the whole crew, I told #2 that I saw a bunch of his former school buddies going into the Presbyterian VBS.

#2: Well, I'm a Catholic so I only go to Catholic VBS.

Hmmm. At least they're listening during religion class.

I lost my St. Gerard medal today (I think I've lost it at least 3 times in 6 months...yes, I'm sensing a sign) and I asked #1 to keep an eye out. Being the child she is, she hears that as "immediately pray to St. Anthony," which she did. Much later this afternoon, when I was unpacking the car, I found the medal on the mat next to the back seat.

Me: Thank you for your prayers. St. Anthony heard you loud and clear!
Me again (to #2 who has been terribly argumentative lately): You had better hope your sister doesn't decide to pray for something bad to happen to you - her prayers are very powerful.

#2 (mumbling into the house): Saints aren't allowed to do bad things to people.

How would I entertain myself without these little ones? I am so blessed.

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