Friday, June 6, 2014

Blessed Day

Earlier this week we got an invite to the expedited First Communion of a great little guy (the Pastor is transferring parishes). It was scheduled for 7:30 Mass this morning and the church is about 25 min away. Doing the math, it didn't seem promising. Still, that family is so amazingly faith-filled and they are becoming such good friends; I didn't think a little lost sleep would matter. To my relief, the kids concurred and these little people, who wander around in a dazed fashion until 7:15 most days, were up, dressed and in the car by 7. "We have to," said #3, "it's such a special day for G". That little dude has a very white heart and would do anything for a friend...even rise at the crack of dawn.

We were richly rewarded, of course. It was a beautiful Mass. He was the only child making his Communion so, instead of the usual circus (I mean that in the best possible way), it was a deeply meaningful Sacrament, surrounded by supportive family, friends and church community. Ah, if only they were all like this! We were blessed to witness such a special day for such an awesome little boy. It was such a learning experience for my family.

Oh, and brunch at Kings (with CAKE after - who does that?!?!?)...just awesome.

We headed home, fully fed both spiritually and physically, and felt we needed some way to continue the celebration. It's one of those Heaven-like days. No-cloud-blue-sky, perfect temps, amazing. I had to drop off three more bags to the mission store and then we were headed to the park.

I love any opportunity to head to this particular park. We used to frequent it when we lived in the townhouse and #1 looked like this:

So, we headed there as soon as the drop-off was complete. I am so proud that I even remembered how to get there "the back way". Blessed. Truly. No sleep and the brain is fried.

Here are some pics of our fun time at the park. (Sorry, no pics of the Mass - you know I don't do that). Whatever you are doing today, remember that you are blessed :0) TGIF.

Enjoy a few days off. We're doing the Tamburitzans show tomorrow and I'll need a day or two to recover !

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