Thursday, March 1, 2012

Better day

In case you were concerned, I'm feeling better today. As I said before, thank you for listening.

I have learned, if at all possible, it's important to surround myself with "my society" on the day following such a crummy day.

So, today I went to the 40 Days for Life Vigil at 8 AM, saw my daughter read during school Mass at 10 AM and went back for Adoration at 1 PM. It is not a blessing I have every day - to go this many places alone and be quiet and prayerful - so I do take advantage when possible. I am so thankful that my "free day" came today. I needed it. Badly.

It was so nice to go and pray for myself but, more so, for others - including all of you :)

My batteries are recharged and I'm back to counting my blessings. I'm even thankful for yesterday. Without "those" kinds of days, today would not seem quite so wonderful.

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